Take Me

Untrue to my vision for
so long I am now blind.

All of my plotting, with
the skill of a bumbling master-

Mind, has my fingerprints impressed
around the neck of my murdered life.

What else now but to place
hope in resurrection and listening?

Wind I hear you in the song of
the unexpected flurry.  I am

a snowflake manifesting
your breath: rising 

Swirling, and dancing to your presence.
Take me where I need to go.


Does the acorn contemplate
that it is enough?

Or does it concentrate
its energy into becoming

An oak, deeply rooted
and connected to its

Surroundings, while its crown
spreads majestically across the sky?

Weather Report

The blizzard of noise swirls inside,
drifting over that little corner of rose garden,
that swatch of remembrance of who you are.

In time the snow will settle over
the landscape, muffling coughing engines
and conversations between softer footsteps.

You look out the window and witness
the eternal:  snow drifting across
the back yard, a crow with a crust

Of bread the neighbor compassionately offers
to the world every morning, and the birch 
trees whose snow-laden limbs bend

Like prairie grasses from the weight of it.
The voices and stories rise with the wind:
Nothing stays settled for long.

Wetknee Books

Two of my inspirations are Anna & Mark at www.Waldeneffect.org and authors of The Weekend Homesteader among other sustainability and homesteading books.  I often visit their blog often.  Anna has written a young adult novel, which is available at Amazon. 

Here’s some of the description:
Forsythia is more familiar with subways than with milk cows, but she always dreamed of visiting the intentional community where she was conceived. Now the farm will be sold sight unseen if she doesn’t find a way to bring the community back to life.


I’ve had some experience in book promotion (I’m on the sales side of publishing) and offered a few suggestions.

Please visit Anna’s other blog:  http://www.wetknee.com/news/ to see the article.

Let’s Dance

king I 
am lost

help me
the way

I am
how -

I can